Food lover! A gourmet ! You want the best food that you can find. Enjoy the life with dancing, music, opera, Richard Mcdonald, Antoni Gaudi and Max Ernst's works.

By roasting your own coffee beans, you will not only drink the best coffee every day – you will pay half of what you do now for beans at the coffee shop!

 It is to share the happiness that I found , the joy of food and art.

     看到網路在賣新鮮烘焙的咖啡豆, 還專人送到府, 真是覺得不可思議.

     買一台 4000元台幣以內的烘豆機及生豆,自己烘豆子,只要使用在開一個電腦的時間,加上填上你的信用卡以前,  新鮮豆子就以已經烘好了在你眼前,  共計7-8 分鐘,  而且計算起費用比買烤好的豆子省一半的價錢.

    考慮一下自己學烤豆子,有問題歡迎詢問 .



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